Rawaa Ahmed- the Energetic Advocate of Revolution

Rawaa’s beliefs

Her work for women

As Rawaa Ahmed is an international relations graduate, she understands the depth of knowledge required to create peace between disagreeing parties. She took this knowledge and coupled it with her passion to uplift women and began her journey to make a change by attaining a prominent position- the head of the gender-related issues committee at an NGO in Cyprus. It aims to help survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in several ways. They give them the support they need by introducing them to doctors, counselors, lawyers, and anyone else who may assist them in filing reports based on voluntary requests. These are just a few of the many things Rawaa Ahmed did at the NGO.

Other Measures

Rawaa Ahmed’s Current life

After moving on from her previous accomplishments, she now works with the UN migration’s mission in Sudan under a program that assists and supports vulnerable



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