Born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Alaa Al-Mubarak, also known as “Looshi,” is a Sudanese Media Personality and Online Influencer.

Born on the 14th of December 1993, 27-year-old Alaa takes Instagram as her platform and takes the stage to spread her talents and knowledge throughout the world. Here she…

Born and raised in Switzerland, Shadia H is a nurse and founder of the brand “Modesty by Shadia.”

Being initially from Somalia, she belongs to the Muslim ethnicity. Shadia’s career transitioning is highly endearing and remarkable as she shifted from a highly stable job of being a full-time nurse towards…

A woman of bicultural Sudanese and Russian backgrounds, Suzannah Mirghani is an independent filmmaker, a writer, and a researcher. READ MORE

Credit: Tariq Mohamed Al-fatieh

Having graduated with degrees in media studies and museum studies (from University College London Qatar), she uses her work to call attention to different stories in the Arab world…

Doha Style


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